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Monday, July 22, 4:30-7:30 PM

An exclusive opportunity for Museum Artisit Members, we’ll be opening the permanent collection and selecting several pieces to place in the classroom for interested artists to come and paint, draw, sculpt, etc. Please bring your own materials.

TAM strives to create safe places of learning and engaging with the arts. Open Studio sessions are a place of both expression and privacy for the artist and the model. To ensure safe practices, The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho requires the following conduct within drawing classes for all artists. For the safety of the models and participants, artists that disregard these rules will be asked to leave the session.

  • Do NOT take photographs of the model, do NOT ask the model if you can take a photo. This is a violation and unacceptable, and even the request can make the model uncomfortable.
  • Do NOT touch the model, NO exceptions.
  • Do NOT invade the model’s personal space. This includes sitting on the model’s stand any time the model is on it. This also includes any time you see the model before, during, or after the session, in any environment.
  • Do NOT speak with the model unless first spoken too! This applies before, during, or after a drawing session. Other than a polite “hello” in a hallway, or a “thank you” at the end of the session, there is no reason to approach or talk to a model – maintaining this invisible boundary is important to allowing the model to feel safe and comfortable in an otherwise vulnerable position. If a model is comfortable, they may approach you about your work, but this interaction should never be initiated by the artist. If you have a question, see the facilitator of your session.
  • Do NOT ask the model out on a date, or ask any personal questions. This is a professional and academic environment, and should be treated as such at all times. This is not a social environment for artists and models, this is for education and should be treated professionally.
  • Do NOT ask the model for personal contact information, even in the case of seeking them for modeling work outside of the session. This is a professional environment and such pursuit goes against the boundaries in place for the model’s safety and comfort. If you are interested in working with a specific model outside of sessions, see the facilitator of your session.
  • Do NOT talk about the model or comment on their body or appearance. If you would like to compliment the model’s work, keep language in a drawing-sense rather than referring to beauty, and refer to the facilitator to convey compliments or to ask for guidance.

Almost all life drawing studio etiquette is based around respect for the model. Remember, the model is putting themselves in a vulnerable position for the benefit of the artists, so keeping models happy and comfortable is our first priority.

The model has the right to make their poses as they feel comfortable. Suggestions can be made to the facilitator, but the model has the final say on their pose and how they pose and for how long. Acknowledge the value of their presence and ability in choosing poses they know are best for them. Just as you know your body best and its abilities, trust models to know their own bodies and what is possible and comfortable for them to sustain in both short and long poses. Please show the utmost respect for all models at all times.

What CAN you do? Draw! Paint! Create! Learn! Talk to other artists! Talk to your facilitator! Treat this as a learning environment – consider everyone participating with you to be a community member and treat them with the utmost respect! This will allow for everyone to continue to create and learn in a safe space.

$10 per session
Pre-registration required

Interested in joining our Open Studio sessions? Click here to become a Museum Artist.

Class Dates: 7/22/2024 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Photo Release

I, the undersigned, hereby grant permission to The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho the right to reproduce, publish, exhibit, or distribute photographs of the student. It is understood that the student's name may be printed with his/her photo. It is further understood that these rights extend only to educational and non-profit uses, and that further permission will be required for commercial uses for profit.

Refund Policy

  • If we cancel a class for any reason, we will notify you immediately and you will receive a full refund.
  • If you withdraw from a class three weeks prior to the starting date of the class, we refund your tuition less a 10% processing fee.
  • No refunds will be made on withdrawals within three weeks of the starting date.