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Women Artists from the TAM Collection

June 2 - September 5, 2020

In celebration of the nation’s Centennial anniversary of women’s suffrage, TAM will be paying homage to women artists during the 2020–2021 exhibit season.

Women Artists from the TAM Collection highlights artwork created by women from TAM's own permanent collection. The work is as diverse in subject matter and media as the unique women who created them. Included in this exhibition are many of the pioneering women responsible for eastern Idaho's rich artistic heritage.

If you are not ready to visit TAM in person, Women Artists from the TAM Collection can be explored virtually thanks toRESIN ARCHITECTURE.jpg

Try our virtual exhibition scavenger hunt! This is a tough, but fun challenge. While clicking around the galleries in our current exhibit Women Artists from the TAM Collection, as you look around from specific vantage points you will find 9 items. Click here to see the items. Best of luck!!


  • Anni Albers
    Gloria Miller Allen
    Helen Aupperle
    Sherry Best
    Collette Brooks
    Kathryn Browning
    Kris Braskett Burnham
    Mary Ann Cherry
    Marjorie Clearwater
    Alba Corrado
    Anemona Crisan
    Mel Edmondson
    Helen H. Farrell
    Suzanne Fonnesbeck
    Aleene Gibson
    Annie O’Brien Gonzales
    Cassaundra Grace
  • Helen Green
    Beth Griebenow
    Deanne Hally
    Marilyn Hoff Hansen
    Eddie Heath
    Jan Herring
    Liz Herrmann
    Rehle Higham
    Drusilla Homer
    Elizabeth House
    Carla Jimison
    Sara Joyce
    Ginger Kramer
    Beverly Macaulay
    Lucia Maya
    Barbara Michener
    Ruth Stringam Nordstrom
  • Ina Oyler
    Milica Popovic
    Rosemary Ravsten
    Vicki Reece
    Amy Royer
    Shushana Rucker
    Kay Sisson
    Vera Strickley
    Jennifer Suflita
    Ila Thompson
    Alice Trumblee
    Beth Van Hosen
    Anne Staton Voillequé
    Kathleen B. Whitaker
    Karen Woods
    Marina Zavalova
    Margie Zirker

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