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Watercolor artists sometimes use materials you can find around the house to make textures and patterns in their paintings. Try this fun process to see what kind of unusual art you can create!


Watercolor paint
Cup of water
Crayons or oil pastels
Watercolor paper
Watercolor brush


Pattern: a line, color, or shape that repeats in your artwork.

Texture: an element of art that refers to how a surface feels or looks like it would feel.

1. Use a crayon or oil pastel to draw on your watercolor paper. Draw your shapes in a variety of sizes, large to small. Repeat some of the shapes to help create a visual pattern.

2. Now dip your watercolor brush in water and wet one shape in your drawing with clear water.

3. Next select a color, dip your brush in the water and then into the paint. Fill in your shapes with color. *Don’t forget to always rinse your brush in water before changing colors!

4. Sprinkle a small amount of salt into the wet paint. After a few minutes, the salt will begin to affect the paint. You will see a crazy texture.

5. Keep adding water and color to the rest of the shapes to give your artwork a truly wild texture!

Click here for a printable PDF.